Why Esska?

Why Esska?

I get asked a lot why did I start Esska, what does the name Esska mean, where do I get my inspiration from… questions that actually are quite important to stop and think of… to remind myself what was the purpose of my business in the first place and never loose sight of this purpose.


Why did I start Esska?


I started Esska because very simply I could not find shoes I liked. Shoes that are comfortable, stylish, and well priced.

Shoes that do not compromise on comfort, in any shape or form, but are not too bulky, not trainers, not orthopaedic!!

I thought I am sure we can combine the two, style and comfort. I worked on rounded toes rather than pointy toes, I worked on chunky heels, low heels, medium heels, rather than stilettos. I offered women who still want to be stylish, a comfortable option that allows them to walk everywhere.

I did not want bows and studs and gems. I wanted minimal, geometric, clean. I wanted to experiment with materials and colours, not with decoration.

I wanted padded insoles for extra comfort, mid heels for walking everywhere, extra straps for support.

So I started designing, and I guess I managed to find that balance… balance between aesthetic, style, fit, comfort, quality and price.


What is my inspiration?


As for my inspiration, I get it from the world around me. From architecture, from geometry, from streets, from anything and everything. From exhibitions I go to, from London, the most vibrant city, from my travels…

The common element throughout the seasons is the minimal design, the play on materials and colours, and the bold geometric aesthetic.


What's in the name?


ESSKA the name, is made of the sounds ESS and KA. They are my initials, phonetically, in French. Souraya Karami, ESS, KA. That’s it. Simple! 

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