Rock My Wedding

Rock My Wedding
It goes without saying that I wore Esskas for my own wedding, but the nicest most amazing satisfactory feeling I get, is when I receive an email from a customer telling me she wore Esska for her wedding, and it made her happy. 
There is so much pressure on us women to have the most amazing wedding day. We all react to this pressure in different ways, ignore it, embrace it, hate it, love it, get stressed by it, or a combination of all the above. 
The bottom line is, it's a day to celebrate a relationship, wether with few friends, family, a huge party, or a small gathering.... It's a day to have fun and feel amazing. 
We try to express ourselves through our clothes, hair, make up, shoes, decoration, flowers... There might be none of the above, and this is an expression too.
Yes there are certain traditions, and each country and culture has their own, but they are there to be broken... to be twisted, to be adapted to what you actually really want, and how you want to feel. 
So when someone tells me they want to wear Esska to their wedding, of course I feel proud and happy, but mainly I just want to beg them to invite me to their party and be my best friend.  


I am very proud to announce that Esska is now a recommended seller at Rock My Wedding, the biggest wedding blog and planning resource in the UK. 
Check it out here.
And check out our Wedding section on the website. 


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