World Mental Health Awareness Day

Posted on October 10 2018

World Mental Health Awareness Day
10th of October is World Mental Health Awareness Day. I don't really think we should have a specific day to remind us how important our mental health is, but maybe we do need to stop.
Yes, we do need to stop... and think about our mental health... and in the case of a lot of us, about our children's mental health.
This year, the focus is on 'Young People and their Mental Health in a Changing World'. Please read what the World Health Organization say about the subject...
Half of all mental illness begins by the age of 14.  


I have two children. And I continuously ask myself: how can I protect them without being overprotective... how can I push them without being too pushy... how can I build their self confidence and resilience so they don't succumb to society's pressure (over looks, weight, money...). 

But I need help too. I need help so I can help them. Our schools need help. Our teachers need help. Support, tools, workshops, training.

I hereby ask our governments, our councils, our departments of education, our departments of health, our schools, our teachers, our professionals... to please help us. Help us change the stigma over mental health. And help us to help our children, the next generation of our nation, be more resilient.