Why Esska Men?

July 25 2018 – Souraya Gyves

Why Esska Men?
Why Esska Men?

All along my Esska journey, I have been asked by my male friends, over and over, when would I design Esska for men. I always knew I would one day. But I was  unsure... Firstly because I did not really know how men shop, what men want, and if there is actually a place for me in the market. Secondly, because most of the factories that make ladies' shoes, don't make men's shoes. 

I researched and researched. And it got delayed and delayed. Other things took priority... But, I got there at the end. So allow me to present the Esska men range, and the purpose of it. 


1- Men (it seems) will never compromise on comfort (I wish more women were like that).  It's about the fit, the padding, the shape, and the materials. So I offered them exactly that. Super spongy padding where you put your foot, leather or suede uppers, leather lining, rubber anti-slip outsoles...  

2- Men (the men I am targeting at least) want simplicity, minimalism and functionality.  No messing around. Oooo, I like that. This is me all over. I designed 2 styles, a modern simple trainer and a casual brogue. Simple and minimal. With a play on colour... Whether it's the outsole, the rand, or the laces... a hint of fun.

3- Men like understated, but want a point of difference. So I thought an orange bright lining, only the wearer would know that the inside is bright. An inner smile that only the wearer knows of. Why not? And, more importantly, an extra pair of laces, in a different colour, for when they are in a more funky (or less funky) mood. 


So here is the Esska Men range... full of colour from my heart. I hope I got it right... as Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. So how do I know what they like wearing on Mars???