Walk to Work

May 15 2023 – Souraya Gyves

Walk to Work
Walk to Work

Without a doubt we should all try to walk to work, every day. For a lot of us, it's simply not possible. But for the rest who can.... Just for that one day...  We should do it. Not only for the obvious health benefits, carbon footprint, etc,  but for stopping our everyday routine and doing it differently, and thinking of the impact we have on our environment and our bodies.  

 The reason I started Esska was because I wanted to walk everywhere, and not always be wearing trainers. I could not find shoes that were stylish, minimal, and most of all... comfortable. So I designed them. 

From me to you... Here are some of my favourite flats from this season. And why I designed them like the way they are. 



I wanted a lightweight sandal, modern and fresh. So I went for a white outsole, extremely light.  I wanted ease of wear, quick on and off, so I made the ankle strap with Velcro. I wanted the sandals to cover wide feet and bumps and lumps, so went for a simple cross strap that comes in deep and covers loads, but is still light and modern. And finally I obviously wanted a pop colour, what better than a bright red with a combination of materials for a little bit of playfulness? 



A lace up flat shoe is the perfect transitional style. But I wanted lightness and breathability, so perforation was the best solution. A very simple lace up shoe, that hugs your foot, it had to be suede. It is so soft that it feels like a sock. 



Here is a classic Esska design. I wanted absolute minimalism. Very clean lines, geometric, pure. With a play on materials and colours. I always had something for platforms, they give you a bit of height, without loosing any of the comfort. The outsole is light and fresh. 



I wanted a shoe, that you slip on an off when running after your child, or to the bus, or when you can't bend down you are so hungover. Yes that shoe. For that day. Or any other day. Lightweight, loose fit, just easy. I wanted the foot to be hugged, but not too tightly.... Two straps did the job, the cross strap and the back strap.