Rainbowfy My Shoes 🌈

April 17 2020 – Dan Gyves

Rainbowfy My Shoes 🌈
Rainbowfy My Shoes 🌈

All my kids have been doing for the last 4 weeks is rainbow related art. Lego rainbows, painted rainbows, rainbow nailpolish, rainbow biscuits.... you get the picture.  🌈 

So I thought, since the UK has just announced another 3 weeks of lockdown, I could share with you line drawings of some of my styles.  You can download them, print them, colour them, decorate them, rainbowfy them!! Do whatever you want. Wether it's you or your child, go crazy, be creative and have fun.

Share your art on social media by tagging @esskashoes and using the hashtag #rainbowfymyshoes 

I will repost them on social media, and will print them and stick them on the window of my (now closed) shop. 

Click here to download the colouring sheets.


Have fun! And you never know.... I might end up making my favorites.