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Esska launches first watch-but we need your help!

To all my lovely Esska friends and fans,

I am so proud to announce the birth of the first Esska watch! Following the same Esska ethos, of minimal and contemporary design. 
Click on the link below to read about the idea, the process, and the plan!! (oh, I love a plan!!)
It has been really exciting and am very happy with the two watches we have developed. I hope you like them too!

I need YOUR HELP to make it happen. I have just launched a kickstarter campaign, to get friends, fans and anyone who likes and believes in my brand to back it, so I can raise the funds I need to produce the watches. You will get your watch (if you order one) in May 2017 at an amazing early bird price, and you would have contributed to bringing this project to life.

Please share this email or the link below to help me reach as many people as possible.

Thank you!!

Free flip flops with every order!

To celebrate 10 years of Esska we are giving away a free pair of flip flops with every order! Choose from red, yellow or teal and just add to your basket for free..

Great to take away on holiday or simply use at home when the sun is shining!

Marion, our kids boot.

While we are dreaming of summer, it is still pretty cold out there. Marion is our cute chelsea style boot for your little girl, they are comfy and will keep small feet warm! Why not get a pair while they are on sale? Available in red, grey and black.


Happy egg hunt!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Tilly boots

Surfing the net we stumbled onto a blog 'A la Ladywolf'  who styled our Tilly boots in gold and taupe for their photos. We like this very very much!!

Happy Christmas!!

We would like to wish you all the best over the holidays!!

Please note that our office will be closed from Friday the 23rd of December, until the 3rd of January. However we are still processing our sales at our online store.

To ‘celebrate’ this special time, there’s a link to the video from Lanvin‘s Alber Elbaz who decorated a big ‘sapin’ at Claridge’s, so we can all take a look at the Christmas tree everyone’s been talking about.